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About Us

We are part of the national Village Movement that emerged in response to a common challenge facing older adults in the US: staying independent, safe, and socially connected while remaining in their homes.

The Village concept is that a community can pool their resources to support a locally controlled organization to help minimize these challenges.

The first Village was launched in 1993 in Boston, MA and there are now several hundred scattered across the US. Anderson Valley Village evolved out of monthly discussions about aging that began at Lauren’s Restaurant in 2015. Our California 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation status was approved on November 2, 2018.

Members of our Village have access to a variety of services and programs that are supported through a combination of dues, donations, and volunteers. The dues and donations make it possible for us to hire a Coordinator to:

  •  respond to the needs of members
  • organize social and educational events
  • coordinate our team of volunteers
  • maintain a list of services for hire

Anderson Valley Village is governed by a Board of Directors who serve without compensation. They are responsible for hiring and managing the Village Coordinator.

Board of Directors:

         Gwyn Leeman - President                 Elizabeth Summers                 Philip Thomas - Treasurer                        Donna Person-Pugh - Secretary                 Lauren Keating

    Gwyn Leeman Smith - President    Elizabeth Summers - Vice President     Philip Thomas - Treasurer       Donna Pierson-Pugh - Secretary    Lauren Keating


         Sandra Nimmons                 Elizabeth Wyant                  Ron Gester                       Heidi Knott                      Barbara Nelson

            Sandra Nimmons                        Elizabeth Wyant                          Ron Gester                              Heidi Knott                            Barbara Nelson

Director Emeritus: Mary Moore Gaines

Village Coordinator: 


             Patty Liddy

The Village Coordinator

707-684-9829  [email protected]  Box 576, Boonville, CA 95415