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Avoiding Scams

The following websites links and information describe how to avoid some of the most common scams that target older adults.

How to avoid telephone and email scams 

The Better Business Bureau and FTC offer lists of things you should do if you suspect that a phone call is a scam. The following list is an abbreviated version. To learn about the most recent scams or browse scams by topic, visit:

  1.      .   Be suspicious of unexpected requests
  2.      .   Do online searches for the company or agency, for instance. “IRS call scam?”
  3.          Don’t believe your caller ID. Scammers can fake their true identity.
  4.          Don’t pay upfront for a promise. 
  5.          Don’t use unfamiliar forms of payment.  
  6.          Talk to someone you trust before giving money or information. 
  7.          Hang up on robocalls. 
  8.          Be skeptical about free trial offers. 
  9.          Don’t deposit a check from a stranger and then wire money back to them. 
  10. .       Sign up for free scam alerts from the FTC at

How to avoid computer hackers

There are many things you can do to reduce the chance that a hacker will access your computer. The following 10 steps are a good place to start.  To learn more about these steps and others, visit the following website:

  1.          Create complex passwords. 
  2.          Use a password manager.
  3.          Don't give out your password.
  4.          Change your passwords often.
  5.          Use two-factor authentication.
  6.           Avoid using the correct answer for security questions.
  7.           Log out of accounts when you're done with them.
  8.          Make sure you're on an official website when entering passwords.
  9.          Change your phone's passcode often.
  10. .       Update your devices and software.

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