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About Volunteer Services

These services are provided by a team of volunteers recruited and organized by AVV, and they are essentially free of charge to members. There are some costs, however, that members might want to discuss with the volunteer, such as expenses for transportation. These services are available for request by phone from the Village Coordinator or on this website as described below.  

What kind of services do volunteers provide?

  •  Friendly visits and walks
  • Transportation to appointments or stores
  • Simple household maintenance such as changing light bulbs
  • Assisting with pets
  • Helping with computers, phones, printers and other devices
  • Assisting our Village Coordinator with office projects
  • Deliver "meals to go" from local restaurants and deli's 

What kind of volunteer services are not offered?

  • Anything requiring a license other than for driving, such as plumbing or electrical work
  • Any handyman chore that takes more than about 2 hours
  • Anything that involves personal or medical care, such as bathing, dressing or feeding, or giving medications
  • Anything requiring a fiduciary relationship, such as writing checks
  • Activities that require moving a member into or out of a wheelchair.

If you are a member and requesting volunteer services for the first time, click here. (Login required)

If you are a member and wish to make a New Volunteer Service Request, click here. (Login required)  

Are you are interested in becoming a volunteer?

The primary requirement for being a volunteer is a desire and ability to help othersWe welcome volunteers of all ages, talents, and interests. You do not need to be a member of the Village (though you can be) or have any specific skill. Some volunteers have unique skills or knowledge to share, while others offer more general assistance with a wide variety of needs. Either way, we provide an orientation and training to help you get started. For more information:

  • Please start with our description of the Benefits of Volunteering by clicking here.
  • For more detailed information, our Volunteer Handbook pdf is available here .
  • When you are ready, download, complete, and submit the Volunteer Application available here .
  • Please contact the Village Coordinator if you have any questions.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will join our team of wonderful volunteers.

The Village Coordinator

707-684-9829  [email protected]  Box 576, Boonville, CA 95415